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5 Things to Consider when Buying Dance Shoes

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5 Things to Consider when Buying Dance Shoes

Athletes have specific shoes for their indiviudual sports. Similarly, dancer’s footwear are also different from regular shoes. Dance shoes are manufactured in compliance with a dancer’s body to help move freely on the dance floor. Specialized dance shoes can prevent you from potential injuries during their function and also provide stability for knees and ankles. Dance floors can be unpredictable due to their uneven surface, size, and shapes which makes it even more imperative to wear the proper dance shoe. Here are five things to keep in mind before buying a dancing shoe pair:

Choose your shoes with the right fit

The first and foremost step in choosing a dance shoe is to make sure it fits like a glove. Shoes that have too much space in the toe box can flop off after use; conversely, shoes that are crunched in the toe area can cause discomfort and become unusable. One cannot grow a short shoe. When first trying on shoes, make sure they fit comfortably without any stress. In that way, you will have better control and freedom of mobility when attempting turns and twists while dancing.

Sole and upper of the shoes

Sole of the shoes is another important consideration. Ballet dancers will need to decide between full or split sole. Beginners typically opt for the the full sole while intermediate or more advanced ballet dancers usually prefer split soles. For jazz dancing, a rubber patch is usually recommended; for practice ballroom or tango dancing, suede soles are usually advised because the suede grips the floor but also allows for the proper amount of slide. A leather sole is more slippery than suede and is preferred when more slide is desired and also can be used for outdoor use. However, if you have chosen suede sole, you will need to keep the sole clean by using a wire brush after every two or three uses. When not properly cared for, suede soles can become sticky and may not function as desired.

Shoe straps

A standard ankle strap that provides support is called a bootstrap. Delicate straps tend to get broken only after a precise wearing of the shoes. To avoid such mishaps, newly developed and modern straps are manufactured which offer additional comfort & protection to the feet. Some prominent types of dancing shoe straps include the following:

> T-strap

> Double X-strap

> Single X-strap

> Round arch X-strap

All of these come with distinct features and serve multiple purposes and need according to the consumers’ choice.

Heel type

As far as the heel is concerned, thickness and height are two important components to consider. Height for dancing shoes ranges from 0.5″ to 4″. Different sizes of heels serve different functions; for example, a 1.5” — 2” heel is advisable for beginners while advanced and professional dancers often wear 3” and higher. Shapes of heels – block, flared and slim are all a function of comfort, fashion and stability.


Dance shoes have different prices, depending on their comfort, quality, shape and size. Having the chance to be fitted for the right dance shoe and find a large selection at a reputable dance shop is recommended because buying the wrong shoe or an improper size can cost you alot more in the long run. If you decide to buy online, be aware that online stores often can sell poor quality shoes that may appear to be great but may not be that durable. Look for quality products that will serve you well on the dance floor! The decision to buy a pair of dance shoes is an important one – one that may ultimately help you become the confident and polished dancer that you would like to be.


12 Reasons to Shop at Teddy Shoes

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Spain Trip 3.229.17

Steve Adelson, Owner — Teddy Shoes, Inc. and Jacobo Menkes, Owner — Menkes, E.S. on a recent trip to Barcelona, Spain

12 Reasons to Shop at Teddy Shoes

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2. Unparalleled, huge inventory.
3. Value-driven, competitive pricing.
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5. Open 7 days a week.
6. Family owned and operated since 1957.
7. 7 day cash/credit refund policy.
8. No time limit on unworn returns.
9. Free layaway plan.
10. Teddy Shoes Rewards program.
11. Informative e-commerce website.
12. Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter feeds.

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Highlights from my recent trip to Spain

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Highlights from my recent trip to Spain


One doesn’t often get a chance to take ten days off from work to visit Barcelona and Seville, Spain. I was fortunate enough to do this and thought I would share with you some of the highlights from this adventure.


Visiting my son had its advantages on this trip because the family he was staying with was extremely gracious to us. Our son’s hosts brought us out on a day trip to Girona where we had the chance to eat authentic Catalan food including delicacies like calcots ( grilled green onions served with romesco sauce ), grilled rabbit and roasted snails with aioli. This meal was memorable as was the rest of the day which included stops in the medieval town of Bealu and Figueres, home of the Dali museum.


While in Barcelona, I took the time to meet with a great new dance supplier, Happy Dance. After working with the local representative, I wrote several orders which included exciting new dance shoes and apparel. Most of these great products are made in Spain and will offer a wonderful selection not available anywhere in our area. Happy Dance will become a valued resource for the dance consumers shopping in the Boston area.


Also in Barcelona, I was able to meet with Jacobo Menkes, the owner of Menkes, ES., a worldwide manufacturer of high quality flamenco and other dance shoes. We will offering products from Menkes that are currently not available in New England. This well known brand will be a welcome addition to the broad selection of dance shoes now available at Teddy Shoes.


Experiencing Seville on a horse and buggy ride was a great way to begin our visit to Spain’s fourth largest city. Dining on inexpensive, tasty tapas, touring the amazing Alcazar castle, visiting the spectacular El Alhambra in Granada and ending our adventure with an authentic Flamenco dance show were all memorable highlights of our trip to Spain.


Having the opportunity to combine business with pleasure and family was a special time. As the owner of Teddy Shoes, I welcome your feedback about this email. If you are interested in learning more about my trip or have ideas how we can bring this wonderful experience to you, please share with me your thoughts. You can call the store at 617-354-2987 or email me at teddyshoes@aol.com.


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