Highlights from my recent trip to Spain

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Highlights from my recent trip to Spain


One doesn’t often get a chance to take ten days off from work to visit Barcelona and Seville, Spain. I was fortunate enough to do this and thought I would share with you some of the highlights from this adventure.


Visiting my son had its advantages on this trip because the family he was staying with was extremely gracious to us. Our son’s hosts brought us out on a day trip to Girona where we had the chance to eat authentic Catalan food including delicacies like calcots ( grilled green onions served with romesco sauce ), grilled rabbit and roasted snails with aioli. This meal was memorable as was the rest of the day which included stops in the medieval town of Bealu and Figueres, home of the Dali museum.


While in Barcelona, I took the time to meet with a great new dance supplier, Happy Dance. After working with the local representative, I wrote several orders which included exciting new dance shoes and apparel. Most of these great products are made in Spain and will offer a wonderful selection not available anywhere in our area. Happy Dance will become a valued resource for the dance consumers shopping in the Boston area.


Also in Barcelona, I was able to meet with Jacobo Menkes, the owner of Menkes, ES., a worldwide manufacturer of high quality flamenco and other dance shoes. We will offering products from Menkes that are currently not available in New England. This well known brand will be a welcome addition to the broad selection of dance shoes now available at Teddy Shoes.


Experiencing Seville on a horse and buggy ride was a great way to begin our visit to Spain’s fourth largest city. Dining on inexpensive, tasty tapas, touring the amazing Alcazar castle, visiting the spectacular El Alhambra in Granada and ending our adventure with an authentic Flamenco dance show were all memorable highlights of our trip to Spain.


Having the opportunity to combine business with pleasure and family was a special time. As the owner of Teddy Shoes, I welcome your feedback about this email. If you are interested in learning more about my trip or have ideas how we can bring this wonderful experience to you, please share with me your thoughts. You can call the store at 617-354-2987 or email me at teddyshoes@aol.com.


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Meet the Owner — Steve Adelson

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Meet the Owner

Steve Adelson arrived at Teddy Shoes, Inc. on August 21, 1978. Having graduated from four years of college at Michigan State University with a degree in business and a minor in Hotel & Restaurant Management and one year as an assistant food manager working at Saga Food Service at the University of Miami, Steve got an offer from his dad Ted to join Teddy Shoes. Dad had three stores at the time ( Cambridge, Somerville and Watertown ) and could use the help running the operation. Steve always wanted to have the opportunity to be his own boss, but never thought he would end up in the family business.

So the partnership began! The store specialized in family footwear and factory seconds/cancellations during its inception in 1957 and through the 80’s. In 1985, the Davis Square Somerville location was lost because of higher lease costs. East Boston under the name Kushner’s was added to the store’s operations. In 1987, Steve began the process of buying the business, and Teddy Shoes became Teddy Shoes, Inc.

In 1993, a turning point came in the life of the business. Factory seconds and cancellations dried up, and the decision to add more dance lines to the store’s business began. First, Capezio had closed two of its operations near us, and customers were asking for the brand. So a $3000 opening order was written ( This seemed like an astronomical amount at the time ), and then brands like Bloch, Body Wrappers, Motionwear, Sansha and So Danca were added in the years that followed.

In May 2013, a new website was launched which brought many of the store’s products online. Last year a new logo and home page was developed. Further improvements will be forthcoming. Today Teddy Shoes, Inc. has become a mecca for dance beginners and aficionados, and 88% of the business comes from Dance!

As the store enters its 60th anniversary, Steve will be completing his 39th season. Large footsteps were left by the originator himself, Theodore Adelson, Mr. Teddy himself. Steve is proud to be carrying on the tradition of this valuable institution that serves the dance community and the greater Boston area. As is customary, Steve welcomes your comments, interaction and suggestions. He can be reached at the store at 617-354-2987 or via email at teddyshoes@aol.com.

Teddy Shoes attends the Atlantic Dance Show in Maryland

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Michael Lee from Body Wrappers with Teddy Shoes Owner Steve Adelson

@Michael Lee from Body Wrappers with Teddy Shoes Owner Steve Adelson

Owner Steve Adelson at the Motionwear booth with National Sales Manager Andrew Bonser

Owner Steve Adelson at the Motionwear booth with National Sales Manager @Andrew Bonser



Sansha’s National Sales Manager @Lynne Campbellwith Teddy Shoes owner Steve Adelson


Snap Retail2

Steve Adelson and @Brian Ewing, Marketing Coordinator for SnapRetail


@Zoe Sadler, Steve Adelson and @Brian Ewing from SnapRetail



Do Danca’s sales manager @Jay Pereira and Bruno De Faria with Owner Steve Adelson

Wear Moi

Owner Steve Adelson at the @WearMoi boothWear Moi1

Above are pictures taken with some of our most popular brands and important partners — @BodyWrappers, @Motionwear, @Sansha, @SoDanca, @SnapRetai and @WearMoi. The dance show features all of all of the newest products and trends in the industry. NewTeddyShoesLogo5.24.15

Staying on the cutting edge of Dance!


New Products are arriving for the Fall/Winter season!

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Having fun at Teddy Shoes, Inc. This time I ( Owner — Steve Adelson ) have the pleasure of modelling our new Duck bill Ivy caps available in 6 colors!



Are you cold? Get wrapped up in the best most comfy winter wear from scarfs, gloves, masks, ear muffs, beanies and much more at Teddy Shoes!




Check out this new olive wool floppy hat in our store. It is available in other colors!




100% Rabbit hats are in at Teddy Shoes. Stop by for the best selection and much more we offer!





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Motionwear Logo


Boston Ballet, Motionwear and Teddy Shoes
are proud to announce the four lucky winners
of two FREE Orchestra Level tickets to
Boston Ballet’s Swan Lake:
Amy Frith
Elizabeth Warren
Robert Fineman
Veronica Merritt
Wednesday May 25, 7:30 p.m.
Boston Opera House
539 Washington St.
Boston, MA 02111
Boston Ballet Motionwear Teddy Shoes, Inc.

National Small Business Week Celebrated in Cambridge

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On May 5th, Mayor Denise Simmons and Eastern Bank sponsored an evening in celebration of National Small Business Week. Three Cambridge business owners received City Council Resolutions from the Mayor, in recognition of their resilience and community engagement: Steve Adelson, owner of Teddy’s Shoes in Central Square, who has revitalized his family business by serving the dance community, John Shaw, owner of Fire and Ice and the recently opened Jefe Taqueria in Harvard Square, and Erinn Pearson of Simply Erinn’s Unisex Hair Salon. Mayor Simmons noted Erinn’s many contributions to the community, including providing a safe space for women to talk about domestic violence, free hair services for high school seniors attending their prom, and a private area in the salon for Muslim women to receive services.

The event was also an opportunity for small business owners to meet and mingle



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Boston Ballet,
Motionwear and Teddy Shoes
are proud to announce
four lucky dancers
will win two FREE
Orchestra Level tickets to
Boston Ballet’s Swan Lake
Wednesday May 25, 7:30 p.m.
Boston Opera House
539 Washington St.
Boston, MA 02111
• One entry will be awarded for each Motionwear product purchased
• Buy More Motionwear – earn more entries! Multiple entries are allowed per person.
• Drawing held on Saturday May 21 at 5 pm.
• Winners will be notified by phone or e-mail.
• By entering this promotion, you grant Teddy Shoes the right to use your name on web
and social media sites.
@BostonBallet @Motionwear

Owner Steven Adelson from Teddy Shoes to be honored at Small Business Week Celebration on May 5

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Teddy Shoes is a 2nd generation family-owned business that opened in April of 1957 by Theodore Adelson. It is located at 548 Massachusetts Avenue, right in the heart of Central Square. The store began selling family footwear and factory seconds and cancellations from many of the local shoe factories. As the business became profitable, the owner Teddy opened up locations in Watertown and Somerville and later on in East Boston. The current owner and son Steven Adelson came on board in August of 1978 and is still running the business. In 1993, the nature of the business began to change from a family shoe store to a dance shop. Steve shifted his focus from the seconds and closeouts  into dance shoes and apparel for ballet, flamenco, jazz, salsa, tap and tango just to name a few. The store still carries a full stock of family footwear, hats, hosiery and large sizes but also has become a destination location for the greater Boston dance community. The store has a huge inventory, offers great customer service and is open daily. It has its own website, http://www.teddyshoes.com  and also has a social media presence on its own blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Next year, Teddy Shoes will celebrate its 60th Birthday and continues to be a proud merchant of Central Square Cambridge.


Eastern Bank and the City of Cambridge will be hosting an event in honor of Small Business Week. Owner Steven Adelson will be given a proclamation  for all of his efforts as a successful business owner in Central Square Cambridge. Mayor E. Denise Simmons will be presenting this honor on Thursday May 5 at the Meridien Hotel in Cambridge.


#SmallBusinessWeekCelebration #EasternBank #SmallBusinessCelebration






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#1. Screaming for people on stage is not a faux pas.

When you walk on that stage and hear people screaming and yelling your name, or ‘WERK!’ or ‘YES!’, you feel empowered and supported. It’s when you don’t hear people screaming that you feel uncomfortable. More cowbell!

#2. More rhinestones, please!

There can never be enough bling on your costumes. Bring on the rhinestones, sequins and glitter!

#3. When someone else has your same solo song, you freak out!

Don’t panic. It happens. Their choreography is completely different anyway… you hope…

#4. Quick changes…all…day…long.

The backstage workers at competition can either be your best friend or worst enemy. You just danced and walked off stage to hear, “Okay guys, your next dance is in three numbers.” Ahhhhhh.

#5. Camaraderie within your studio is so fun and necessary.

Huddling before you go on stage, having chants for your studio, and your big or little dance sister bringing you a gift at every competition… It’s the little things that contribute to your overall fun experience at competition.

#6. Having several ‘studio spirit’ items in your closet.

During awards at dance competitions, your mom, dad, and teachers have no problem finding their kids in the pack…because you are all wearing matching studio jackets and sweats.

#7. Girls don’t expect to get first overall solo if there is a boy in their age division.

And if a girl does get first overall over a boy, that’s a HUGE deal!

#8. Prop dads are SO important.

You and your fellow competition dancers wouldn’t look nearly as great if it weren’t for the dads carrying on and setting up the props and/or set pieces for you. Can you imagine having to do that yourself and then dance?! Thank you, prop dads everywhere.

#9. When dancers from another studio say “good luck” or “great job”, it’s refreshing.

Let’s face it. It’s a competition and you’re competing to get better scores than the other studio. But we all have to remember that there is life after competition and the dance world is a small one. Be respectful and pleasant to dancers from another studio, because you never know when you’ll see them again. They might just become your college roommate or be in the same Broadway show as you in the future!

#10. What we do is really hard work; we just make it look effortless.

It’s one thing to go on stage and dance for an audience. It’s a whole other thing to go on stage and dance for an audience and several judges that are scoring you based on your efforts. This is pressure that not a lot of people understand. It is hard work to do well and feel good about yourself at competition. If you can perform a solo at a dance competition, you can achieve anything!

  • by Allison Gupton of Dance Informa.
#DancingforCompetitions #CapezioBlog

THE CUBA FILES February 12 — March 6, 2016 at Jose Mateo’s Ballet Theatre

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JoseMateoTheCubaFiles JuanPinera
We are thrilled to announce the music for José Mateo Ballet Theatre newest ballet premiering in The Cuba Files on February 12!
The premiere is set to Cuban composer Juan Pinera’s Trio Cervantino – a work of new classical music for piano, violin and clarinet. The piece was composed by Pinera in 2012 for a group of three young musicians named Trio Cervantino and pays homage to composers Cervantes, Bach and Rachmaninoff. To Mr. Mateo, this work shows the influence of our global society – where musicians from all corners of the world continue to be inspired by other cultures and musical histories.
This new ballet will be performed alongside audience favorite, Danzones Baleticos (2004), a series of short ballets set to music popularized in Cuba in the 1950s and Escape (2004, Brouwer) a ballet that tells the story of a woman trapped in the repressive environment of her homeland.
Click here for tickets:
José Mateo Ballet Theatre #TheCubaFiles